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What does "Downtime" REALLY cost your company?
Surprisingly, most businesses have never tried to calculate the amount of revenue they lose when their network goes down. SOS Systems can show you what dealing with IT troubleshooting, working with all of the different vendors and support personnel, and waiting idly for systems to reboot or get repaired can actually cost in real dollars. Our no-cost network evaluation can also uncover security vulnerabilities, production bottlenecks, and weaknesses in your infrastructure.
One monthly payment takes care of all technology needs. Remote monitoring, managing and reporting, on-site labor costs, complete backup solutions, even hardware refreshes, at a price that is LOWER than what your IT spend has been in the past. We provide network security, client-level antivirus, hosted e-mail, and our most popular feature: Vendor Management. You also receive a state-of-the art service call
ticketing system with monthly and quarterly reports that accurately reflect all activity within your technology environment.
Remote Monitoring, Managing, and Reporting
Observe Technologies EyeNet monitoring service allows us to remotely view the critical components on your network and prevent costly downtime. Your servers and client desktops and laptops are kept up-to-date with the latest software fixes and critical updates. Performance levels and environmental factors are carefully watched, and when pre-set thresholds are reached, we can take action before your hardware fails. Nearly 90% of all alerts can be dealt with remotely, and many take place after business hours so your daily routines are not impacted. Monthly summaries are sent to help you track the work that is done, and quarterly meetings are available to assist you in planning the growth and profitability of your company.
On-Site Support
During our normal business hours (M-F, 8-5) we will come on-site whenever it is necessary to perform any service that cannot be handled through remote connections. You do not have a "bucket" or block of time allocated to you, it is unlimited support. When you enter a ticket through your own online portal, or contact us via phone or e-mail, our help-desk team determines the severity of the problem then escalates the request appropriately. Our customers that utilize our hardware procurement solution do not pay for parts.
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